Mermaid SANDS Veterinary Services

Mermaid SANDS provides a variety of services. See below for more information. 

Our Veterinary Services

We are here to provide all the routine and preventative services necessary to get your pet on the right track!

Canine/Feline services

Pet Canine/Feline

spay and neuter<br />

Pet Spay & Neuter


Pet Vaccines

pet Microchipping

Pet Micro chipping

Dental Cleanings

Pet Dental Cleanings

dog pill<br />

Pet Flea/Tick Preventatives

Nail Trim (with other services)

Pet Nail Trim

(with other services)

dog blood draw<br />

Pet Heartworm Tests (K9)

cat<br />

Pet FIV/Leukemia Tests (Fe)

Veterinary Services we DO NOT Offer

Unfortunately, to provide our clients with the highest and most cost-effective quality service possible, it limits the extent of services we can provide.

Sick Pet Visits

Non-routine Surgery

Large Animal Care

Exotic Pet Care

Routine surgery for brachycephalic

(short nose) breeds (due to increased anesthesia risk)

Maintenance of chronic conditions

Routine surgeries on pets with complicating factors

Including senior (7 years or older) pets

Dental Extractions/Oral Surgery

Nail Trims

We DO NOT offer nail trims except for pets already under anesthesia for dental cleaning or surgery. Please refer to your full-service veterinarian or groomer for this service.