Pet FIV/Leukemia Tests (Fe)
Vero Beach, FL

At Mermaid SANDS, we advise having your cat tested for FIV/leukemia (Fe) every year.

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Pet FIV/Leukemia Tests (Fe)

Cats should undergo routine feline leukaemia (FeLV) virus testing, according to the American Academy of Feline Practitioners. This lethal illness is spreadable and contagious. New cats who come into the house are likewise subjected to this exam.
FeLV infection is diagnosed based on a cat’s medical history, clinical symptoms, and test outcomes. Blood tests will show whether FeLV is present. Sadly, there is currently no treatment for the feline leukaemia virus. Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by the condition, and blood transfusions are used to treat severe anaemia. A particular diet could be necessary if you have diarrhoea, kidney illness, or chronic muscle loss.